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  • U-Assist is a real-time assistance and automation platform for Contact Centers. It helps to drive higher Agent efficiency and compliance, and provides a truly enabling conversational service.

  • U-Assist listens to and analyzes caller Intents and sentiments in real time, and provides timely guidance, assistance and task automation to Agents using a simple, intuitive, browser-based UI.

  • Uniphore customers can use U-Assist to provide an Agent with real-time coaching and assistance, and help to significantly improve Agent productivity both during a call and after a call, using advanced Uniphore conversational AI capabilities.

U-Assist Features

U-Assist provides fine grade access control to make user authorization more secure. These features are governed by Uniphore's Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities, along with the selected set of features to which a given role is allowed access.

The following are features provided in U-Assist:

Feature Name


Manage Alerts

Ability to create, update, view and delete Alerts

Manage Entities

Ability to create, update, view and delete Entities

Manage Call Summary Templates

Ability to create, update, view and delete Call Summary Templates

Manage Dispositions

Ability to create, update, view and delete Dispositions for each call reason or intent

Manage Model Training

Ability to train models

Import Transcript Data

Ability to import transcript

View AI-based Agent Assistance

Ability to view all aspects of the conversation flow, clickable AI-based suggestions for data fields, AI-based Alerts, AI-based answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Call Summary and Disposition value for each intent or call reason

View Supervisor Desktop Widgets

Ability to view the supervisor desktop widgets like Agent-specific alerts, live agents and customer details and feedback to be sent to Agents in real time

Hierarchical Structure


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