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U-Self Serve is a platform for organizations to deploy Conversation Assistants on their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) channel to deflect incoming customer service calls from high-cost contact center touch points to U-Self Serve. Uniphore’s Conversational Assistant provides a premium customer self-service experience through an intuitive web/voice interface.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Omni-channel support.

  • Engage customers via chat, voice or speech bots to efficiently resolve queries (call deflection).

  • Train Intents and extract meaning in real time.

  • Deploy Virtual Assistant in an IVR channel in a specific language.

  • Understand user input with NLU.

  • Question user to obtain values relevant to the Intent.

  • Conversation logging to capture all key conversation parameters.

  • Hand off the call to a Live Agent via the Contact Center software solution when needed.


  • Deflect routine transactions from high-cost channels with increased self-service automation.

  • Decrease customer effort with personalized, conversational self-service across IVR, web and mobile channels.

  • Improve customer experience with reduced IVR wait time.

  • Increase sales with personalized recommendations and proactive messaging across all channels.

  • Track the customer journey across channels to deliver an improved experience and help to reduce lost revenue opportunities.

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